* ångrar stort nu att jag inte gick den där kursen
i tadelact för några år sedan. aldrig för sent i & för sig,
~ ska bara hitta en lucka att stoppa in det i.
jag verkar mest ha minnesluckor nuförtiden. 

kram alla fina ! 

6 kommentarer:

  1. I'm still not quite sure I understand everything you write. But I love your blog anyway. It's beautiful!

  2. awh, jess, ~ you melt my heart even
    with your efforts ! xo

  3. Hi, I've been in love with your photos over on flickr for quite a while now, and was ever so, ever so happy to discover you had a blog, too. This is just fantastically beautiful, I'll be back, a lot! x

  4. Vackert, vackert, önskar jag hade en trapp att slipa av... Kram

  5. thank You so so much for Your
    kind words rebecca ! that means
    a lot to me .. ~ & i’ll make sure
    to come see You ! just the name ..
    sanctuary .. love it ! xo


i love words.
and i’ll be happy to
read some of yours..
they mean a lot to me.

in any language.
big or small.

that box down there
is y o u r very own space,
here with me,
to leave an imprint ..

x, h

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