favoritstunder att vara bakom kameran 
måste ju vara när man får vara med och fånga 
människors mest uppriktiga, mänskliga,
- & betydelsefulla ögonblick.

de där fotografierna som kommer att
plockas fram igen & igen,
- & locka fram de
allra mest värdefulla av minnen.

 ’i used to know a sculptor .. 
he always said that if you looked hard enough, 
you could see where each person carried his soul in his body. 
it sounds crazy, but when you saw his sculptures, it made sense. 
i think the same is true with those we love ..  
our bodies carry our memories of them, 
in our muscles, in our skin, in our bones. 
my children are right here
she pointed to the inside curve of her elbow. 
where i held them when they were babies
even if there comes a time when i don't know who they are anymore. 
i believe i will feel them here.


från ’the school of essential ingredients’
av erica bauermeister


© hannah lemholt

1 kommentar:

i love words.
and i’ll be happy to
read some of yours..
they mean a lot to me.

in any language.
big or small.

that box down there
is y o u r very own space,
here with me,
to leave an imprint ..

x, h

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