we’re all made of stars

inför fotograferingen av spira aw11 
hade jag den här gamla judiska sagan,
som mamma berättat för oss, i tanken ..

’ in a great pine forest where the trees grew tall & majestic,
there was one lonely apple tree. 
as winter came, snow would fall on the forest floor 
& on the branches of the little apple tree. 
the big forest was all silent white. 

one night the little appletree looked up at the sky, 
~ & between the branches it saw the stars, 
that seemed to be hanging from the branches of the tall pinetrees. 
how lucky those tall pine trees are.. 
i'd love to have stars hanging from my branches.. 
then i would feel truly special, whispered the little apple tree.
a voice said gently; 
have patience little apple tree..

spring came, the snow melted, ~ & tiny white & pink apple blossoms 
appeared on the branches of the little apple tree. people walking in the 
big forest, would stop & admire the beautiful flowers, 
~ & birds would rest on the branches of the little apple tree. 

but night after night, the little apple tree would look up at the sky, 
filled with millions of stars, ~ & cry out;
more than anything i want stars hanging from my branches.. 
just like the big pinetrees.
the voice asked;
isn't it enough you offer soft shade to people, beautifully fragrant blossoms, 
~ & branches where the birds can rest & sing their songs?
the little apple tree sighed & answered;
i'm sorry for sounding ungrateful, but that is just not special enough.. 
i like how i give others pleasure, but what i would really love; 
is to have stars on my branches, instead of blossoms. 
then i would feel truly special.

patience.. answered the voice; 
have patience, little apple tree..

and so the seasons changed again. 
the branches of the little apple tree were covered with beautiful apples. 
people walking in the big forest, would all stop, reach up, pick an apple,
~ & eat it with pleasure. 
still, when the night came, the little apple tree would cry out;
more than anything i want stars hanging from my branches..
then i would feel truly special.
the voice asked;
but apple tree, isn't it enough you now have such wonderful 
apples to offer?

without a word, the little apple tree would answer by shaking its 
branches from side to side.
an apple fell to the ground, from the top of the little apple tree, 
~ & when it hit the ground, it split open. 
look, said the voice. look inside yourself. what do you see?
the little apple tree looked down & saw, that right in the middle of 
its apple was a star. 
a star! i have a star! cried the apple tree, 
~ & the voice laughed gently and said; 

so you do have stars on your branches.. 
you just didn't know it.. ’

.. och om vi förändrar hur vi håller äpplet när vi skär det,
- & skär det vänt på sidan, finner vi dess stjärna.
och kanske om vi förändrar hur vi ser på oss själva
och varandra kan vi finna stjärnan inuti 
var och en av oss.

© hannah lemholt 

2 kommentarer:

  1. tack.

    det behövde jag.
    efter en vecka av
    för mycket jobb,
    lite för mycket migrän,
    och några timmar för många
    på akuten idag.
    allt bra dock.

  2. Vilken underbar saga. Den ska jag kopiera, spara och göra något fint med. Innebörden är ju så sann, så fantastisk! Tack! KRAM


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