story of the day

innan jag stänger ner för i kväll 
måste jag dela dagens ’story of the day’ 
som jag just hittade i min brevlåda 
från underbara story peoplemed Er. 
bara för att den passade in så nästan kusligt bra på 
vår dag och våra tusen & en natt tankar.

1 kommentar:

  1. Hi...your blog it's my daily place of peace early in the morning...also if I have to translate it in english (it italian doesn't work so good).
    I join the people story when you first wrote about this web site and it's really amazing...this story also catch my attention...
    Moreover I was a lot courious of the cardamomo coffee...you write about this delicious thing so often that I wanna try...I try to find some receipe on line but there are many...so...how is done this kind of coffee?
    Let's me know...
    Have a nice and amazing day full of creative and quiete moment.
    A smile


i love words.
and i’ll be happy to
read some of yours..
they mean a lot to me.

in any language.
big or small.

that box down there
is y o u r very own space,
here with me,
to leave an imprint ..

x, h

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