med en fantastisk i miniformat som lockar uppmärksamheten
med den mjukaste av hud, de härligaste av läten,
de mest förunderliga av blickar, - & de vackraste av insikter
finns det ännu mindre tid än vanligt över
att sortera i de där kraschade hårddiskarna som vilt spiller
ur mappar med konstiga namn och fel datum. 

men det här undret av människa var jag tvungen att stanna till för.
hon kräver förvisso ett alldeles eget, långt längre kapitel.
jag har nog upp emot tusentalet fotografier av henne.
och jag har minst lika många upplevelser, känslor och minnen
som även dem spiller vilt ur mappar. inre mappar, 
där allt har precis rätt namn och märkligt rätta datum.
för det är väl så med tvillingsjälar. allt hamnar rätt
och man är på något vis alltid hemma.

sara. tack för Dig. älskade vän.

och till Er, - kärlek,


i shot this portrait of sara in 2014, visiting a family
high up in the mountains of bali. they had the most amazing
of pets & even more beautiful souls. | more sara & more bali in 
this forgotten files post | © hannah lemholt photography


in the company of a mind-blowing one in miniature format that
attracts most of our attention with the softest of skin,
the most lovely of vocalisations, the most gorgeous of glances,
- and the most stunning of insights,
there is even less time than usual to spend
sorting thru those crashed hard drives spilling wildly out of
folders labelled with strange names and the wrong dates.

but this miracle of a person, i had to stop off for.
she for certain demands her very own, - & far longer chapter.
i probably have upwards of a thousand photographs of her.
and i have at least as many experiences, feelings and memories
that too spills wildly out of folders. internal folders,
- where everything is labelled just right.
because that’s what it’s like with twin souls, i guess.
everything falls perfectly into the right place and
you are somehow always home.

sara. thank you for you. beloved friend.

and to you, - love,


8 kommentarer:

  1. dear honeypieLIVING, too many times I wonder why you have not chosen THIS woman to be your official model. except for her unworldly beauty and elegance, she gives out a calm and strong energy. she is certainly someone who makes an impression, and her quality matches so well with your writings. all the best to you, c.


    1. *haha* now that’s a lovely thought..!

      sara is however my very 'official best friend' :)

      .. and she has only really reluctantly been
      posing (from the beginning-) as a model for
      love warriors, as she was onboard as the
      designer and we were (luckily) on set together.

      lina, that model for other shots & shoots, has
      become what we call my muse (is that what you mean?)
      because i indeed photograph her on a regular basis
      as a "model".. :)

      couldn’t agree more with you about sara’s
      "unworldly beauty and elegance" though..! i always
      say she looks like a classic (elegant) movie-star..

      thank you so much, i’m sure, - speaking for the both
      of us..! :)

      wishing you a lovely new week,


    2. Oh yes you did endeed my dearest friend -spoke for the both of us!

      THANK YOU Polyhymnia ... for your kind kind and sweet words! Thank you ever so much!

      Love S.

  2. Sara really is a beauty...too...and I so so so love
    your beautiful and touching words for your friendship!
    and how exciting, that she will be a mama soon too?!
    How great for your children then...and for you both.
    Again i have some tears in my eyes,
    because of the beauty you show here in the worldwideweb.
    My happiness always is very big, when I find
    a new picture or post from you!
    So - again - thank you for making me smile,
    you sweetheart you...
    big hug for you and
    a soft kiss for the little man...
    I don´t want to wake him up ;)


    1. she sure is, sweetheart t .. inside and out.
      i’m so much richer for having her in my life.

      thank you, so much, always for your words,
      for always stopping by, - & for taking the time
      to let me know you were here. always means a lot.

      big hug right back to you, darling,
      - & perfect; he’s actually sleeping beside me as
      we speak.. :)



    2. Well...here's one more with tears in her eyes...!
      Thank you Geisslein for your warm & kind words and I can only tell you
      that I'm SO SPOILED with Hannah in my life!

      LOVE S.

    3. Älskade Hannah.

      Så rik & bortskämd jag är med dig i mitt liv...

      TACK för dig & för att du förgyller mitt liv så oerhört mycket.

      SNART ses vi -förbered dig på kram-attack!!!


i love words.
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they mean a lot to me.

in any language.
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