an interview | part 2

What scares you the most ?

darkness, in the sense of.. not living.
be it death or just standstill in life.
that there are places or times {concerning death certainly a time}
somehow 'out there' in all our lives, where there are.. gaps.. darkness,
where i or we, might loose our way.
i fear that for me, for my loved ones, - for mankind on the whole;
that we don’t use life in the manner that we truly should. 
that we are so blind sometimes.

Tell us a weird fact about you ? 

ha! i love that .. *smiles*
um.. i have something, roughly translated called 
associative movements, which my mum the psychologist says ought to 
disappear at about the age of four or five
{at which i can conveniently put it right back on her, raising me. *smiles*}.
this means that i, for example, turn my head when i turn the 
steering wheel of a car {i am also speed-blind so you should all be very happy 
i don’t have a drivers license.} i have made quite a few people laugh, 
and my baby sister very anxious, innumerable times over the years 
when i spill yoghurt, expensive lotions etc etc as i turn to look at something.


What is your definition of beauty ?


If you could create the perfect camera, what features would it have ?

time-travel possibility, 
- & a special, optional setting for unpredictable flaws,
like light leakage or random grazes that would 
take me by surprise every time and that could be saved
into personal recipes or workflow.

Do you recommend any websites for photoshop tutorials ?

i don’t do them much online myself so that’s hard, but.. 
it’s in swedish though and that google translate button 
is just flat out hazardous. *smiles*

Do you read books about photography ? If you do what’s your favorite ?

i don’t, or not so much about photography, come to think of it.
i’d rather read or look really, at images,
so photo books of that kind then.. 
i have a few, but the favorites are still on my wish list; 
photographer christer strömholm, 
’architecture’ by hiroshi sugimoto, ’backstage dior’ by roxanne lowit,
mike disfarmer’s ’disfarmer : the vintage prints’
’seen behind the scene’ by mary ellen mark, 
sally mann’s ’the flesh and the spirit’ & many, many more .. 

What is your favorite photo taken by another photographer ?

oh, now this is just torture ! *smiles*
seriously, it is impossible to just choose one..!

.. but if i’m gonna really try to narrow it down, 
it probably would have to be one of sally mann’s photos of her children.
i feel so close to her vision somehow, 
- & many of those photos could be from my own childhood,
so almost anyone from her series of ’family pictures’ 

don’t make me choose. pretty please. 

What is your favorite photo taken by you ? 

almost equally as hard to choose, as i see my own photography
much more as a journey, and i leave the images behind somehow. 
also i am so self-critical and find it hard to enjoy my ’old’ photos as i tend to 
just see the flaws and what i would have done differently now. 
perhaps that is why i prefer to move forward instead. 

.. but i do like ’roots and wings’
which is, in a way a really simple self portrait,
but for me it has something to say about me. 

i like ’unison’ & ’n° 68’
both from a shoot with friend marie olson nylander, 
for their bit of mystery. and those come close the 
kind of photography i’d love to do more of. 

a portrait of my friend dennis getting ready for stage,
- & becoming lucy.
i love that i got to be there for that and do a series of portraits.
and that one in particular because that face is really.. his. 

i like some of the photos of my loved ones.. 
but that could also be because of my love for them
of course, sometimes it’s hard to tell..

i really like the ones i converted into black and white
from the a/w11shoot for swedish brand spira.
i had just gotten my new camera, 
the evening light was amazing, and lina as
stunning as ever. 

Do you think it’s hard to be unique and have your own style in photography ? 
How do you manage to stay creative ?

the hard part about that is the same as in life itself, i think.
sometimes it’s a challenge to stay you, you know?

.. but no, not so much with my photography.
there it seems i have more determination & less insecurities
than in other parts of my life.
i believe in my language & my voice when it comes to photography, i think,
- & if, or should i say when, there are things surfacing that could mislead 
or delude me, i literally talk to myself, and simply say;
keep following your own vision.
that is so important, i think. it’s key.

creativity is another matter..  *smiles*
.. but i think perhaps i am blessed with quite a lot of creativity
in the sense that it is not often that i don’t have ideas
or inner images to draw from.
for me the frustration lies rather in not having access
to a person or a place to realize the idea, 
- as i preferably want to jump right in as i think of something.

You take a lot of black and white pictures, why is that ? 

simply because i love black and white photography!
*smiles* perhaps for its timeless feel.. 
that being said, in my own work, - i actually most often
’let the photograph decide’.
i really try to find the time to experiment with every photo i edit, 
- & sometimes a photograph, when converted into
black and white just feels right;
like that was the way that photo was supposed to be. 
and sometimes i feel it before i even click the shutter, 
in the very moment;
that this is gonna be a black and white one.

{part three}

 mer om min syn på retuschering, 
mina dröm-modeller, 
- & misstag jag gjort, i 3e delen..
 {1a delen finns precis här.}

tack för Era ord,

roligt att Ni vill hänga på !

hoppas att Ni har
en riktigt mysig söndag.. 

kärlek !


7 kommentarer:

  1. Hej,

    Jag älskar din blogg, du gör så otroligt fina fotoinlägg. Jag skulle jättegärna vilja lära mig mer om foto och photoshop, och jag undrar hur du gör t.ex. bilderna till det här inlägget, när det ligger olika lager av "linjerade ark" och gem och sånt, vart får du grafiken ifrån?

    Jättetacksam för svar!

    / Ida

  2. I can’t tell you how much i’m enjoying this!!!
    So happy you’re writing in english too!

    xo Christie

  3. ida, ~ har Du en mailadress
    jag kan nå Dig på?

    christie, ~ thank You so
    much for Your kind words ..

  4. Vilket arbete du lägger ner på att besvara de här frågorna. Det är helt fantastiskt.
    Och på köpet så får vi lära känna dig mer.
    Tack för att du delar med dig
    kram EM

  5. Intressant att få veta mer om dig och dina foton. De är så sagolika !


  6. Åh, så spännande det är att läsa dina tankar kring ditt fotograferande...du öppnar upp så att det känns som om man känner dig!
    Inväntar med spänning del 3!
    Varmkram lydia
    PS Jag är också lite nyfiken på samma som Ida! kramkram!

  7. Vilken fantastisk blogg du har! Älskar din bilder! Du är verkligen grym! Jättekul att läsa intervjun också!


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