att möta världen igen

kärlek till Er fina Ni,
~ & en riktigt inspirerande torsdag ! 

12.1.12 - klockan 12.12 
make a wish !


{modell : lina lindholm}
{makeup & hår : josefin madsen ljungqvist}
{canon eos 5d mark II | canon ef 50/1,4 usm}
{citat : e.e. cummings}

© hannah lemholt photography

2 kommentarer:

  1. Herlige, herlige Bilder du har her !! Fine fargetoner, motiv & styiling.
    vakker kunst, blir glad av bildene dine :-)


  2. Oh...in this period I feel that I have to fight...just yesterday I wen out for dinner with some new people and I didn't feel confortable cause it seams as everyone was playing a role...and thay expect the same...I wasn't able to be myself...
    It's a hard fight but we need to do it to be happy.


i love words.
and i’ll be happy to
read some of yours..
they mean a lot to me.

in any language.
big or small.

that box down there
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here with me,
to leave an imprint ..

x, h

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