an interview | part 1

häromdagen fick jag förfrågan av en tjej som heter 
reem om en intervju kring mitt fotograferande.
nu har jag suttit här, funderat och svarat, 
druckit alldeles för mycket kaffe med mjölk,
-& så tänkte jag att Ni kanske också ville läsa.

här är 1a delen ..

Who has inspired you the most in terms of photography ? 

i take inspiration away from so many things
and as i had lived for 30 years before starting to do photography,
it feels like, being the complete image, - & photography lover that i am
and have always been, - i have collected a lot of inspiration, 
more or less consciously for very a long time.
that makes it really hard to pick one person that inspires me.
but i marvel over, - & love the work of paolo roversi and
i’ve always felt very connected somehow, to the work of sally mann. 

What is your favorite style of photography ? 

i would have to say portraits in general,
- & the portrait style of those mentioned above in particular. 
like roversi who, for me, takes fashion photography to 
a whole other level, giving it more soul, i think.. 
perhaps by his vintage kind of style combined with modern fashion; 
that creates a depth & personality beyond the clothes, for me.
perhaps it is his own soul that comes thru in his work.
i believe in that a lot, 
- & if i were to narrow this answer down,
that pretty much sums up what style of photography
is my favourite too;


carrying a story past the photo.

What style of photography do you find challenging ? 

i find food photography truly challenging. 
i’ve grown up in a food, - & wine loving family
and would love to do more of trying to capture that love. 

the challenge is to make it look as tasty as it does in real life;
bringing the scents, the flavors, the mood into the 
photograph as much as possible. 

What do you look for in a model ?

that’s key, i think. 
and to connect we both need to be open.
open to each other, to possibilities and chance 
and serendipity in the shoot we do together. 

Name other photographers you admire ?

besides roversi and sally mann, i truly love the work 
of francesca woodman, - & i think anton corbijn is another
that can bring out the soul in a person and into 
the photograph in an amazing way. 

i also love old school photography like the work 

of jacques henri lartigue, - especially the portraits of 
his completely divine muse, renée perle.

Who are your biggest supporters ?

that brings us right back to muses. 

my muse lina is a great supporter. she claims i’m
"one of the few who can manage to scrape brain slime 
from a reindeer skull, build a device that looks like 
some crazy experiment, and then make it work 
and look completely natural." 

my family is really, really supportive, 
and my closest friends too. i love them for that. 
there also are people out there, that i don’t know 
the names or faces of, that are the ones buying prints
and send me the most amazing letters. 
it’s such a beautiful and amazing thing
to be able to reach people that way. 

What do you enjoy doing other than photography ?

there’s other things ?!?

no, but serioulsy, it takes up so much of both my time 

and mental activity that i don’t know where
photography ends, - & i begin anymore. you know?

i love spending time with my beloved ones. 

and i am passionate about books & movies. 
lately i’ve also come to realize how much spending 
time outdoors mean to my wellbeing.. to my sanity even.
nature; the ocean or a deep forest, birds flying;
those are the only truly perfect things there are, i think.

What are some of your favorite films, books and musicians that keep you inspired ?

i love love love typical british heist, - or caper films,
like ’snatch’ & ’lock, stock and two smoking barrels’,
and also american ’o brother where art thou’ by the coen brothers.
i also love almost anything mafia;
the godfather films of course and also kind of neo-noir stories
like ’bound’, ’the usual suspects’ & ’seven’. 

and ’frida’ ! how could i forget ’frida’ ?!

i grew up with a film lover father, with fellini for everyday food,

- & still find his schoolteacher scenes of ’amarcord’
to be some of the best person's portraits ever. 
’cinema paradiso’ by giuseppe tornatore is another italian gem. 

we’ve also always read a lot in my family,

and i matured in the company of j.r.r. tolkien, roald dahl,
virginia andrews and françoise sagan.
today i am inspired a lot by poems & lyrics, especially 
by sylvia plath, viriginia woolf, anaïs nin & mary oliver.

music i devour in diversity. 

at the moment i am very inspired by angus & julia stone and ben howard. 
i almost always listen to music when i edit as well. 

In your photos we see soft tones and femininity. Would you call that your personal signature ?

it is only lately, as people, especially strangers,
- amazingly enough, always seem to define my style or signature
with more or less three words,
soft and feminine being two, dreamy being the third,
that i have even started to think about that myself. 

i only try to create photographs that is as close to
my inner images as possible,
- & the product of that seem to be in that style, so yes, in 
a way i guess that has become my personal signature.

what truly makes me happy is when i receive comments & mail 

about people "being able to spot a photo of mine from just a thumbnail-size"
{over on flickr’ for example}
even when i do ’darker’ & / or a bit ’heavier’ things.
that is my hope; that my voice always come thru,
and that i’ll keep a language that is distinguishable.
my red thread if you will. 

.. and i think the fact that i myself haven’t labelled my work 

is because i’m not so fond of labels in general,
- & especially with my photography i want, always, to leave
the door open to new things.
i have no idea where it’ll all end up..
and it is not that important either,
- the way there is so much more significant,
however clichéd that may sound. 

{part two}

mer om mina favoritfotografier, 
hur jag ser på kreativitet,
-  & frågan om varför svart & vitt?i 2a delen
om Ni tycker det är roligt att hänga med ?

hoppas Ni har en riktigt härlig helg alla fina ! 

kärlek till Er,


10 kommentarer:

  1. Jätteroligt att läsa
    ser fram emot nästa del...
    kram EM

  2. o ja det var jätte kul att få ta del av det :)

  3. Yay, you!! And in english!
    Can’t wait for the rest of it.

    xo Christie

  4. Härligt. ser fram emot nästa del...


  5. Vad kul! Du tar ju dom mest bedårande bilder! Roligt att vi fick ta del av intervjun!

    Mysig söndag på dig fining!
    Kram Tess

  6. Hej!

    Följer din blogg och ser på dina bilder. Vilken inspiration du är!! :) Jag undrar lite ur du gör dina ramar, den vita med skuggor i hörnorna. Vore glad om du skulle vilja berätta. Undrar även över de andra ramarna och hur du gör när du bildretuschar hud. Så som du gjort på din vackra vän (inte Lina) Utan hon som ser ut som en glamor modell) Sen älskar jag färgerna och hur du gör i PS när du fotograferat Lina i köket i Sthlm. för Spira plåtningen. Alltså de bilder som är i färg. Skulle bli super glad om du skulle vilja maila mig om detta. Såg du gjort det till någon anna här om dagen. Tyckte det var fint av dig att du orkar dela med dig, lägga tid på att svara...Fint helt enkelt.

    Tacksam för ett svar :)

    Kram P.

  7. Amazing! I'm in awe of your work.

  8. lovely! i really love your work, a true reflection of you, its beautiful!

  9. Congrats for your entire work. I really fall in love with it.


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